Practical information


For questions or inquiry you can reach us at 020-7768921. You can also send an e-mail  with contact details so we can contact you.

At this moment we cant take any clients due to the long waitinglist.

After a screening by phone we schedule an intake conversation. In the intake we ask more about your background and about your complaints. We will explain our idaes and possibilities about the treatment so you can decide if you would like to continue with that. If so we make new appointments. We work in the ‘basis GGZ’ which is short term treatment, we can meet aproximately 12 times at first.

We can’t be reached 24 hours a day. In case of crises / emergency you need to contact your GP.

We can declare the costs directly with your insurance company. For that you need a referral from your GP.


All headpractitioners are registered at the BIG register as ‘GZ psychologist’, which is needed for declarations with the insurance companys. Declared costs will be deducted from the ‘health care own risk’ first (minimum of 385€ in 2024).

In 2024 we have contracts with all insurance companys; except with Menzis (includes the brands Menzis, Anderzorg, HEMA, PMA).

If you have a contract with Menzis you can declare the costs yourself with the invoice. With a restitution policy everything will be paid for, with a natura policy a part (50 – 70 %) is paid for.

Work related complaints and couple therapy are not insured anymore. Costs for individual treatment is 128 € for each session, couple therapy is 152 € each hour.


Our profession has a duty of confidentiality. That means we are not allowed to discus anything about you without your permission. In general we cooporate with your GP, again only with your permission.

Babysit organisation

It can be difficult to make appointments without babysit posibilities. We support the babysit organisation  of Kriterion. If you think about their services we will lower the costs of their services of the first 3 sessions.



We work according the profession code of the NIP (Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen) or the NVGzP. If there would be any complaint we can’t fix together a commission of of the NIP or NVGzP could check if we kept ourselves to the profession code.


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