Individual therapy

Obtaining insight andmaking complaints manageable by giving possible solutions are important assumptions of our treatments. We will connect with your strenghts and competences. Our goal is to enlargen your selfconfidence in order to be able to solve problems individually.

We help with the following problem area’s:

Together we decide which kind of treatment method(s) will be used for your problem. Together we make a plan of treatment with goals to be achieved. We estimate an amount of sessions needed.

If we think you can be helped better at another place we will discuss this with you.

Our treatments can be short term and problem solving, but they can also focus at deeper causes and repeating patterns which takes more time in general.

After the agreed amount of sessions we evaluate if the goals have been reached, or that some more sessions are needed. If the treatment will be closed we can make a relapse prevention plan.


Cooperation with care-partners

We try to work closely with referring GP’s and other care partners. That means we inform your GP -with your consent-  we started -or stopped the treatent.

If we’d like to discuss with your GP -about medication for example- we always ask for your consent before.

If possible and desirable we can use e-health by a secured website.

People with severe psychiatric issues or addictions can not be treated in our practice.