relational / systemic therapy and mediation with family quarrel

Relational / systemic therapy

Conflicts are unavoidable ia a relation, they are useful as well. Problems will be adressed, new agreements can be made. Sometimes conflicts are not discussed and solved. The topics vary from -having children or not- to doing the laundry. Often it is about how you feel the other person treats you, the way you feel understood or appreciated, about power. If the discussion stops or escalates, the trust and intimicy in a relation will suffer. Especially at long term. The longer conflicts last the less safe a relation feels. Topics will be avoided so new arguments wont happen, but that is often not a long term solution.

In relational therapy the most important themes will be defined. The proces of communication will be analized, communicational ‘pitfalls’ which will escalate discussions will be adressed. An important goal is to be able to discuss different point of views again, safely without feelings of being hurt.


Babysit center

It might be difficult to make appointments if you don’t have many babysit options. We support the  oppascentrale of Kriterion.If you consider their services we pay the costs of enlistment and the first three hours of babysitting.

Inform with us the possiblities.


Mediation with family quarrel

Different opinions, dissappointments and opposite interests are unavoidable within families. Usually the familie base is strong enough to resolve the differences. Sometimes too much has happened or is said to continue contact. No contact is  never  a real relief, it costs energy.

A family quarrel often involves more members of the family. They can be automatically drawn into the conflict. Starting up the dialogue becomes more and more difficult. An independant mediator might be a solution in that situation.

In an intake conversation by phone the steps to be taken will be explained, an estimation of number of sessions will be given. The first step will be appointments with the two parties individually. Those appointments are ment to hear the individual stories, to discuss if there is a common goal, and to see if there is trust in the therapist from both parties. If so an appointment will be made with both parties and the therapist. In general the goal will be that the therapist wont be needed to be able to meet again.


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