Methods of treatment

In our practice we use different methods of treatment;

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The starting point of cognitive behavioural therapy is that out way of thinking determines the way we feel and react. In this evidence based method of treatment the interaction between thoughts, feelings an d behaviour are central.¬† Negative thoughts can lead to negative feelings which can lead to avoidance behaviour. During treatment negative thoughts will be challenged and turned into more realistic thoughts. In experiments these new thoughts wille be ‘tested’. More disirable behaviour can be developed like this.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is oriented on the present and the daily routines. There will be worked a lot with practical excercises like registration, writing, exposure-excercises and thought- and behavioural experiments.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR, is a therapy for people with hurtful thoughts or memories. These can be caused by a traumatic event like traffic accident, seksual abuse or a violant event. But EMDR can also be used for other awful experiences that influenced someones development like bullying or other tensions during childhood. Th most important angle of an EMDR-therapist is helping the client to proces the memories and thoughts about the event(s) in order to dissapear or reduce the complaints.

EMDR is a short-term treatment. If it is about a single traumatic event only a few sessions will be needed to be able to continue daily life again.

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Solutional focused therapy

Solutional focused therapy emphasizes the things that goes well and what kind of solutions are necessary for the future. This therapy doesn’t emphasise the origin of the complaints, but uses available positive qualities.

In this treatment we are more looking for solutions.


Everybody strives for a life without any problems or difficult feelings and emotions. Some difficult situations or feelings will be experienced no matter how hard one tries to control or change. This insight comes often after years of trying.

ACT is a kind of behavioural therapy which goal is to effectively cope with set-backs -which are unavoidable. With ACT you are tought to focus on changeable behaviour instead of trying to control  uncontrolable experiences like thoughts or emotions. ACT does this by six powerful principles which develop skills to enrich life itself. Skills to cope with painful thoughts and feelings in order to lessen the impact. Mindfulness is one example of a skill. In addition there is attention for values and really meaningful goals in life, in order to improve it in a long term as well.

Insightful therapy

Insightful therapy takes a longer time. It’s goal is to focus on the origin of history of the complaints. Insightful therapy offers the opportunity to experience, investigate and proces important feelings and emotions in a safe environment. Whith this proces and insight another vision of ones feelings and behaviour will be reached.